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DIY Steadicam + Nikon D90 Video

Years ago, I built this do-it-yourself poor man’s steadicam (which you can buy preassembled here) for about $20. It was for use with my mini-dv camcorder at the time. It […]

D-Link DNS-323 Network Storage Device Mini-review

I picked up this little guy (aka the Toaster) recently after seeing Peter’s success with it. It’s a network connected storage device. What does that mean? It means that you […]

Kodak Zi6 HD Camera: First Impressions

I’ve been anxiously waiting for this camera to be released since I first heard about it during the summer. Previously, I commented about the fact that most point and shoot […]

LensBaby Composer + Nikon D90 Video

I can’t wait for the LensBaby Composer to be released…check out this unfortunately low quality YouTube video of the co-founder of LensBaby demostrating the Composer attached to a Nikon D90 […]

Nikon D90 HD Video Samples

I’ve only barely had time to play with the D90 video mode – let alone even get familiar with all the controls and options but here’s a couple videos taken […]