A day at Playland

A nice diversion from all the iPhone related stuff lately, yesterday a bunch of us (John, Rebecca, Jen, Keira and Amy) went to Playland for the day. It’s our local amusement park that is the foundation for the Pacific National Exhibition which happens later this summer.

I thought it might be fun to try and shoot a bunch of video of the different rides we went on. I quickly learned that trying to record a wooden rollercoaster by holding the camera with one hand and holding onto the coaster with the other wouldn’t end well:

The video ends abruptly when I hit the power button by accident while being whipped around on the coaster. That and the kidney pummeling I got from the ride as well. You can see a little more of the ride here where I turned it back on and got a short clip….then I gave up due to the difficulty in holding on to the ride, let alone the camera.

You’d think I’d learn my lesson on the Wild Mouse coaster:

It was easily the scariest ride at Playland and inflicted the most physical damage to my knees.

Fortunately I didn’t drop the camera on the Hellevator which was fun but wasn’t nearly as scary as the anticipation of going on it. I thought the Pirate Ship ride had more stomach churning moments:

Judging from the bruises on my knees today, shooting video may not have been the best choice but it was still a lot of fun. Thanks to Rebecca for making the arrangements, Playland for having us and for the weather which almost cooperated the whole day…it actually helped keep the lines down and allowed us to hit the bumper cars over and over – especially when the rain was coming down:

We finally had enough and called it a day after two back-to-back trips to the “Crazy Beach Party”:

Check my Flickr set for more videos and pictures from the day.

In case you’re curious, I shot these videos with my Casio Exilim EX-60 which is a couple of years old now. It’s not terribly popular anymore but it still works great for stills and video. It makes me wonder what the big deal is with those Flip cameras? I mean this camera can be had for about the same price as a Flip – probably alot less (mine even came with one of those 4×6 photo printers for free), is smaller than the Flip, has wicked battery life, can do more (shoot great stills and video) and uses memory cards that can be changed when it’s full. I get a little more than 1/2 an hour of video with a 2gb card which can be bought for about $2-5 a piece these days. Just sayin’.


  1. Keira-Anne says:

    Such a fun day! I think the videos you shot were a lot of fun – and more unique than photos :)

  2. people like flip because:
    1. easy 1 click posting to YouTube
    2. low light performance

    one EyeFi does video and ShoZu removes their 10MB video limit, the Flip will be unnecessary

  3. Jen says:

    What a super fun day! Your videos are awesome, John! :)

  4. Marina says:

    The Wild Mouse always looked so tame but I agree, that IS the scariest ride at Playland. Great videos…I’m just glad you survived that!

  5. Marco says:

    Aw man, this looked like fun. Going again anytime soon?

  6. Tod says:

    I’m with Keira-Anne on this one — sitting the scary rides out.

    My practice of life:

    I never pay for Pain/Terror. (This also excludes me from hot sauces and scary movies.)

  7. Tyler Ingram says:

    The videos remind me why I like Playland, though even if I hate riding the Wooden Coaster, I’ll still do it! lol I nearly fly outa the car everytime I go! The corkscrew is fun, but not as long as I would like it to be.

    Though I hope to go this summer! I haven’t been for a while.

  8. Lloyd Budd says:

    One of the manhy things I miss about living in Toronto is Canada’s Wonderland, which unlike Playland, the greatest adrenaline rush isn’t because the rides are old and might fall apart while you’re on them ;-)

  9. John says:

    @Lloyd I have many fond memories of Canada’s Wonderland…I spent many a teen summer weekend there.

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