Is Rogers getting the message?

There seems to be quite a lot of people upset with Rogers and their iPhone voice and data plans. The topic just doesn’t want to die down and major media outlets are all over it. For example, watch a number of local (Vancouver) people that wanted an iPhone talk about why they aren’t getting one on Global TV – watch for my friend Tanya talking about her plans for Rogers too:

As well, yesterday there was a large article in the Globe & Mail’s Report on Business section – I just had to grab a photo (with my iPhone) of this huge (nearly half a page) pull quote:

G&M iPhone article

and CBC had extensive coverage online and on TV (WMV video link).

Let’s also not forget the competition while we’re at it. Bell and Telus both have new devices coming online shortly (I’m not even going to link them since I think they are junk) and they’ve made a big deal about the fact they include unlimited data plans for a fraction of what Rogers is charging. If they (Rogers) can offer unlimited data for the N95 and all the other wap phones, why not the iPhone? Or is it because ‘unlimited’ really isn’t unlimited and since they won’t be bastardizing the firmware of the iPhone like all their other handsets (crippling or removing features of the physical phone), they can’t change how the browser behaves and limit your online movements.

I still don’t think a Windows Mobile device, no matter how pretty you make it look will ever offer the same experience as the iPhone. But that’s another story all together.

I’m wondering what this kind of exposure and pressure, on the eve of potentially their most wanted and lusted after handset, is doing to those in the executive offices of Canada’s largest wireless provider? You have to think that all this negative press, the fact that over 34,000 people have signed a petition (as of this post date) and planned boycotts can’t be very well received…especially by Rogers shareholders.

I also noticed that all the negative press seems to come from media outlets not owned by Rogers Communications. No mention of the iPhone ‘kerfuffle’ on News 1130 locally. Hmmm.

Has Rogers done anything to address or counteract this negativity?

Not really. All they have done is tried to ‘clarify’ the situation by allowing people to use their existing plans when they buy the iPhone on the 11th. They try to say that the plans offered save people money by bundling features ‘most’ people will need or want without really getting the fact that the iPhone is meant to be on the internet all the time. The iPhone 3G plans page has been updated many times in the last couple of days with different language that says nothing really new. I’m sure the communications department at Rogers has been burning the midnight oil since the plans were announced trying to do damage control while at the same time trying to put a positive spin on the crap on the table.

Clearly, to myself and many others, their plans just reek of a cash grab as their data plans have always been.

Rumour has it that, like their counterparts in Sweden, Rogers may be making some additional changes or tweaks to the plans for the iPhone…possibly as soon as Monday.

Everyone has been telling me that things aren’t final until the 11th so stay tuned for more details from Rogers.

You have to wonder who’s pulling the strings here since it’s not like this hasn’t been worked on or known about for awhile – well before the June 9th announcement….is Apple nudging carriers to get them on side with a better experience for the iPhone customers?

I sure hope so.

Update: Looks like the Vancouver Sun has a negative article too.


  1. Raul says:


    Great post, really great. Thanks for keeping us abreast from all the developments about the iPhone. I would like to believe that Rogers is listening. If not, then they are really screwed.

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