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Battery saving tips for iPhone 3G users

Is the battery life of your new iPhone 3G disappointing you? Try these three tips to increase it’s daily usage before having to recharge. I went from getting about a […]

Griffin PowerJolt for iPhone 3G

A few people have been asking me about car chargers for the iPhone 3G so I thought I’d post a quick note about what I’m using. First of all, be […]

Future Shop gets an Apple Store

Thanks to a tip from Kevin, I went to the Park Royal Mall Future Shop location to check out the renovations that are almost complete. It looks like some Future […]

iPhone App Store roundup

The iPhone 3G and the Apple App Store has been out for a few weeks now so I figured it would be a good time to talk about what I’ve […]

Crumpler store opens in Vancouver

As you may have noticed, I really like Crumpler’s products. I just found out that a store that sells nothing but Crumpler products just opened in downtown Vancouver (corner of […]

In the paper again

Buzz was kind enough to include a quote and a link to me regarding the recently released Pwnage software tool for the iPhone. Here’s what it looked like in today’s […]

How much do you carry?

I got to thinking today about how much ‘memory’ I carry around all day. Here’s the breakdown: in my pocket: 16gb iPhone 3G on my keychain: 8gb USB drive in […]

Fisheye lens adapters

I’ve wanted a fisheye lens forever…and really like my Lomo Fisheye camera. Super wide angles and fisheyes are fun to play around with…just not $800 kinds of fun (the cost […]

WordPress App for the iPhone released

Automattic has released (and Apple has approved) their native iPhone app for managing your WordPress sites. This post was created with it. Find the app on the iTunes App Store. […]

iPhone 2.0 firmware hacked

The iPhone Dev Team just released their Pwnage tool for the 2.0 firmware (Mac only at this point). You may also need some bootloaders to create the customized restore file […]