Less than a week until WWDC

My new iPhone DialerA week from now, it’ll be old news.

We’ll know what Steve has up his sleeve and (hopefully) us Canadians will be activating our shiny new iPhones on the updated iTunes that was released.

June 9th is fast approaching and so are the rumours swirling around the next version of the iPhone.

I won’t be posting any more iPhone related posts here until after the keynote on Monday, so keep an eye on the “Check this out” section on the top right of this site…assuming you are actually visiting the site (people still do that?). I’ll be sharing any juicy posts I come across. You can also subscribe to the feed or visit the google page of my shared items for the latest rumours, spy photos, etc.

Check back on Monday to see if any of my predictions came true.

One Comment

  1. Ha! I love that screenshot!

    I just sold my iPhone last night in anticipation of a late June/early July release date in Canada. Man, I hope I’m right.

    Wish I was going to WWDC…

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