We can haz Apple Store in Vancouver

This morning I decided to head downtown to witness the opening of the Vancouver Apple Store at Pacific Centre. This was my second Apple opening as I was at the Bellvue Square one a few years ago.
Apple Store Vancouver Opening
I arrived around 8am expecting to either see a huge lineup of campers already there or not much of a line. Apparently the first guy in line got there at 5:45am so it wasn’t too bad….but Apple wasn’t having a sale or giving away anything other than a free T-Shirt to the first 1000 people through the door.
Apple Store Vancouver Opening
Buzz Bishop shot a video of the lineup and the opening of store (I say hi to Buzz at around the 16 second mark):

Towards the end of the video you can see some very enthusiastic Apple employees high-5’ing the people in line….I was surprised how many employees were on hand but it actually is a fairly big/deep store unlike many other Apple stores that are inside malls.
Apple Store Vancouver Opening
Overall I’m glad there is finally an Apple Store in the area but it would have been better if it was a larger store that had a theatre with classes like many other stores I’ve been too. The training seminars they offer are usually free and it would be great for me to point friends and family to them if they wanted to find out more about Apple products. But hopefully this store will do ridiculously well it will warrant additional stores in the area (like maybe Coquitlam Centre beside the other H&M store in the area). Toronto currently has 3 stores with a 4th one in the works.

Here’s a few more shots of the store and the opening day madness. This is probably the only day that Apple will allow photography in the store too…I’ve been asked to not take photos a few times in other stores. More in my flickr stream:
Apple Store Vancouver Opening
Apple Store Vancouver Opening
Yes, there were also a lot of iPhones in attendance. The store has a few accessories for the iPhone as well but not much (yet).

Apple Store Vancouver Opening
All the blue or orange t-shirts are Apple staff

Apple Store Vancouver Opening
Apple Store Vancouver Opening
Apple Store Vancouver Opening
The Genius Bar is open for business.

My next visit to the store will most likely be on June 9th which is also the day of the WWDC keynote and when the next version of the iPhone is expected to be unveiled….and possibly even available in Canada.

Thanks goes to Derek for tagging all my photos on Flickr for me while I was rushing to get them online using the free instore wifi!


  1. Looks like they will offer courses and workshops for both adults and kids. I’m not sure _where_ in the store, but there you go.

    Incidentally, ifoAppleStore notes that “in late 2005 Apple changed its mind about the theaters: new smaller stores were designed with a Studio bar instead of a theater, and existing smaller stores were scheduled for a swap-out, removing the theater and installing a Studio bar.”

  2. John says:

    I wonder if the change from theatre based training/workshops came about when they decided to do the One to One program where you pay $99 and get a dedicated person instore to show you the ropes on anything Mac related.

    Hopefully the workshops are well received as I think it’s definitely a great value add to have at the store.

  3. FiFi says:

    Nice store …. nothing much that we can’t buy online or other stores in Vancouver already.

    I tried to buy two things today but they don’t seem set up for debit customers and sent me to wait for 10 mins at the Genius Bar to pay there but I just left it (they seem to be pushing payment by credit card for some reason?!).

    Lots of people seemed to just be looking.

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