Wii Fit First Impressions

Nintendo’s new fitness product/game, Wii Fit, came out today. This is a long anticipated product that has been touted since the early days of the Wii launch.
Wii Fit
Unfortunately, I was involved in a car accident yesterday so I won’t be able to really try it out for a little while but I am supposed to stay active so I’ve tried some of the lower impact aspects of the Wii Fit.
Wii Fit
This $90 bundle comes with the Wii Fit software, a manual, four batteries and a balance board that is not unlike a really big weigh scale with some sensors built in.
Wii Fit

Initial impression of the package is that it’s solid. The box is actually quite heavy when you pick it up for the first time and the balance board is all to blame. It’s a combination of plastic and metal that supports up to 330 lbs or 150 kg.

Wii Fit

The first thing you do after putting the batteries in is to sync it with the Wii like any new controller by pressing the red sync button on the Wii and the similar button the balance board inside the battery door. There is a familiar blue power light on the bottom of the balance board and it’s meant to be turned on with your foot. You can use it on carpet or hardwood flooring. It even comes with extra feet extensions in case you have extra deep (shag?) carpet….ew.

Once you’re all synced up you’re ready to begin.

Wii Fit

You start off by choosing a Mii to use for your profile. Then it asks a number of questions related to you like your height and birthdate.

Wii Fit

The program then takes you through a number of tests to gauge your center of balance and determine your BMI (body mass index) among other things. Since the balance board actually is a scale, you can’t cheat on your weight since it knows. Once your BMI has been determined by your height and weight, the program explains what this all means and allows you to set a goal if it determines you’re above or below your ideal BMI. Basically it tells you if you’re fat or not. While at first blush this could be construed as a bad thing, it does so in a nice way. Besides, who couldn’t afford to lose a few pounds – I know I do – and this is why there aren’t any screenshots of my personal progress.

Once you set your goal, you can see a chart that graphs it on a day by day basis with some slick animations when transitioning between different things. Then you can begin your training. You start off by choosing a male or female personal trainer who will guide you through the various exercises and mini-games.

So far I’ve only tried one of the balance games due to my accident (which is actually quite similar to one of the exercises I’m supposed to do) so I’ll wrap this up for now until I’ve had more time with it. I like what I’ve seen so far and hope that this device leads to more of these kinds of exercise games and I’ve heard that there may be other software titles that can utilize the balance board.


  1. Dan says:

    Sorry to read about the car accident! I hope nobody was seriously injured :(

    I’ve been looking forward to the Wii Fit for a while now myself; I think there is great potential for some awesome games using the board as a controller :P Hopefully I’ll be able to pick one up soon as well!

  2. Tiziana says:

    I’m gonna buy it tomorrow

  3. Endless says:

    If you have more than one mii, are other players able to see your current weight and progress or is that kept personal?

  4. John says:

    If you have multiple Mii’s using the Fit, you can passcode protect (4 digits) yours.

    In the Wii Fit Plaza, the graph will be set to zero for all the protected Mii’s and will be populated for the unprotected ones.

    There is also a guest Mii you can let friends use that doesn’t record their info so they can at least play with the program.

  5. Tyler Ingram says:

    I went looking for the WiiFit but no one had any in stock. I was on my way to Costco to check out their stock but the gf had severely injured her knee so I had to forfeit the hunt for a WiiFit there.

    I want to get the ‘We Ski’ game because it is compatible with the Wii Balance Board.

  6. Raul says:

    Also sorry to hear about car accident. Great review! And for the price, it is really inexpensive, in my opinion.

  7. John says:

    @Tyler Ingram – a coworker just lent me his copy of We Ski so I’ll play with it this weekend.

    There is a downhill skiing minigame that I tried last night on Wii Fit that is pretty fun and simply a shifting your weight game

  8. Wii Gamer says:

    Very nice Game. I like it.

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