Apple Store opening May 24 in Pacific Centre

I had heard of May 24th being the opening day ages ago…can’t remember where I heard it. Then I read somewhere else that sometime in August it would open which didn’t make any sense since it’s been worked on for ages.

Perfect timing for the Canadian launch of the iPhone next month. See you in line!


  1. Raul says:


    You are the to-go guy for Apple-related stuff. Are you going to the opening? If so, maybe you could give me a quick-and-easy run-down of the advantages of some Mac laptops?

  2. Wow, it’d be awesome to be one of the first 1000 there–I’d love a free Apple T-Shirt… but they probably wouldn’t have one big enough for me. I don’t even have a Mac, though, just a 2nd Gen iPod Nano. (It’s pink! I love it.) But I’m totally interested in getting an iPod Touch. Maybe I’ll go there (if I’m not working) and see the interface in action.

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