iPhone Music Making App: Band

There is a new app on Installer is called Band from Moo Cow Music that lets you annoy everyone around you by playing instruments and samples on the iPhone’s touchscreen (also works on the Touch). It’s pretty slick with a number of different instruments, samples and settings to play with.

Here’s just a couple of the instrument screens:





You can record, mix and edit your notes/samples as well as save/load them. It’s a pretty slick little app. I just wish I could play something decent myself. I can only imagine what someone like Derek or Paul could do with this.

I made a quick and dirty little video of it in action… apologies for the poor quality but I think it gets the idea across:

There is a longer, better video of someone playing it on the MooCowMusic page.

It’s a pretty polished application for a beta although I did have a couple of issues with multi-touch not always responding as expected and a couple of crashes. This can only get better so check it out if you like to mess around with these kinds of things.

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