Nokia N95 available on Rogers

Nokia N95Beginning tomorrow, Rogers will begin offering the Nokia N95 8gb smartphone to Canadians.

This is interesting to me for a couple of reasons. First of all, it’s the first time in North America that this model phone is offered – previously only available unlocked directly from Nokia. As I mentioned previously in my post about the iPhone coming to Canada, Rogers isn’t known (to me at least) for being the first on the block to offer new mobile tech so this is a positive step in the right direction for them.

If I didn’t already have an iPhone, the N95 is probably the phone I’d be using right now. It has a really nice 5 megapixel camera (with flash!) and can also shoot video which can be streamed via GPS is integrated as is Wifi and features a very hackable S60 operating system.

The only caveats I’ve heard of with the device is the short battery life and some clunky software. I’m not sure how it would perform using it the way I use my iPhone so I tend to discount battery issues until I get my hands on one – I get 2-3 days per charge with my iPhone with wifi and bluetooth enabled all the time but I’m not streaming video or powering a flash.

The press release also mentions the unlimited browsing with the Vision mobile plan (and a 3 year contract). I wonder if this means that software like Qik are included? My guess is that only using the built in browser is supported and third party apps aren’t included. I guess we’ll see once people start pushing the limits of the data plan with an ‘official’ phone and not an unlocked one being used on the network.

Things are definitely getting interesting in the Canadian mobile market.

Thanks to BlueFur for the reminder.

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  1. royan says:

    i want that phone

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