iPhone finally coming to Canada on Rogers in 2008

HawaiiPhone 2008It’s about time.

Unfortunately no details other than it’s coming ‘before the end of the year’.

The big questions to me are:

  1. How much for the phone itself in Canada?
  2. what does the data and voice plans look like? They better resemble the US pricing
  3. How long do we have to lock in? Rogers seems to like 3 year terms
  4. Will it be the rumoured new 3G model or as Rogers tends to be behind in releasing phones, will it be last year’s model

I’m sure there are many more questions that will come once more information is made available. This announcement seems to fly in the face of the previous (rumoured) reasons no announcements were made from Rogers concerning upcoming releases would harm current unit sales….I would think if you’re on the fence/want an iPhone/want a new phone period, you’re going to wait for more information, effectively hurting sales now.

I guess this is progress so I should be happy….so why am I expecting the worst?

UPDATE: Watch Boris Mann talk about the iPhone announcement on CTV Newsnet from earlier today.


  1. ritchie says:

    You are expecting the worst because Rogers has a bad track record. Optimism is hard swallow when it comes to Rogers, especially when it comes to Rogers and their data plans.

    The people that want the iphones already have them already (for the most part). It’s like trying to move a mountain when it comes to Rogers adoption.

  2. John says:

    It’s true that those that want the iPhone for the most part in Canada already have them. This would add some fuel to the thought that Rogers will offer the 3G model right away since all the early adopters like you and me will want to upgrade…assuming there is a decent data plan.

    I guess the one thing we can be ‘happy’ about is at least now the iPhone is officially coming. I guess we’ll see if Ted turns that happy smile upside down with his pricing models.

  3. Warren Frey says:

    The problem is twofold….one, the data plans may still suck, making the phone about as useful as the hacked iPhone I have now….or they actually do something decent with the plans, but older hacked iPhones can’t take advantage of them.

  4. john davis says:

    Rogers royally rips me off monthly.
    $500 bucks because of data plan is routine…I think Danny @ Strutta is getting it as bad as well…competition where are you?

    PS Hey John had a nice trip? Welcome back!

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