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MacBook Air vs ThinkPad X300 [parody]

This is a pretty clever (and well done) parody of the MacBook Air commercial featuring the ThinkPad X300. It’s (the X300) definitely a decent ultraportable/subnotebook/fitsinanenvelope computer….it just doesn’t run OSX […]

New iPhone friendly plugin for WordPress

My pal and nacho eating drinking buddy Duane has been working away with Dale Mugford on some cool stuff for WordPress for awhile now and has finally made available a […]

iPhone finally coming to Canada on Rogers in 2008

It’s about time. Unfortunately no details other than it’s coming ‘before the end of the year’. The big questions to me are: How much for the phone itself in Canada? […]

Kinda sorta maybe barely almost internet famous

Okay, not really at all but I couldn’t think of a better title. While I was lounging on the beach in Hawaii recently, two separate articles in which I was […]

Hawaiian Vacation

Things have been pretty quiet around here because I’ve been on vacation with my wife in Hawaii. This was my third time to Hawaii and I have to say, it […]