The cows came home

I finally received my Moo cards that I had ordered at the beginning of February. This was my third batch and it was strangely the only one to take a really long time to arrive. I wonder if it had anything to do with an influx of orders from people getting them for SXSW which is also the place I was first exposed to them in the first place.
Moo CardsWhat are they? I tend to call them my ‘personal cards’ as opposed to my somewhat boring ‘business card’ that I have for my corporate day job.

Moo cards are small (about half as tall as a business card) but are very personal. You order them in batches of 100 and are comprised of text on the back and photos on the front. You can customize the text that appears on the back and the cool part is that you also get to choose what appears on the front. Since they partner with a lot of photo sharing sites (I use Flickr), you can easily pull your own photos into Moo and create the card front with these photos. Unlike getting cards from a traditional printer, you can choose how many of your 100 cards has which photos on them. You can get 100 of the same or 100 different photos on the front of the cards or mix and match as much as you want. Pretty cool for only $19.99 plus shipping – just try to get card stock photo cards from a local printer for that little.
Moo Cards
My third batch has turned out the best…I decided to order a lot of different photos this time around instead of just a couple of my favs. I also got a few geekier photos in there since I’ll probably be giving a lot out at SXSW soon enough. I expect to come back from Austin with a ton of other people’s cards and look forward to the Moo party down there as well.
Moo CardsYou can use an Altoids Chewing Gum tin as the perfect case for them too.


  1. Rebecca says:

    Okay after working the Canucks game last night and literally rubbing elbows with Trevor Linden, John comes home (he has the mail key) and peeks around the corner, “who got Mooooo cards!!” and I yipped with glee until I realized it was a sick joke. If we only had a doghouse….

  2. I loved your former cards – had no idea what ‘moo cards’ were til now – can’t wait to see your new ones :)

  3. Kimli says:

    I love the Altoids tin carrying case! I bought an orange (of course) holder from the Moo site with my last order, but I really dig the tin. I agree with Corinna, we really need to have a Moo card trading night ..

  4. I had a good experience with my MOO cards, but that was back in Dec 2006/Jan 2007. It sounds like they have made some poor choices in printing and shipping since then — and given how many complaints I’ve seen just locally, they’d better get their act in gear or they won’t be in business long.

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