iPhone firmware 1.1.4 is out and already broken

Making the jump

Today Apple released the latest firmware for the iPhone taking it up to 1.1.4. Unfortunately, as usual, their details on what was updated is beyond sparse with ‘bug fixes’ being the only description at this time. Hopefully this also means the SDK is imminent.

It didn’t take long before people upgraded and tried the ZiPhone app (for PC or Mac) and it *appears* to work….it’s too early to say if anything is broken so give it a couple of days before you go and upgrade. Keep an eye on Zibri’s site for updates straight from the source.

Oh and yeah, I like my new wallpaper too. Punch it, Chewie!


  1. darrellk says:

    May the Source(s) be with you…

  2. ohusman says:

    Hi dear
    I buy a Iphone and i use Ziphone 2.5 to unlock 1.1.4, it say sucessfully unloked, I have Roger and Fido connection
    On Fido sim no signal at all, but Roger have full signal
    when i call it say call ended and signal drop to zero
    and say “No service”
    Please help me i have 2 month and i can’t fix a problem.
    I rally appraciate that
    Thank you

  3. John says:

    Try using Ziphone again….a few people I know haven’t had luck the first couple of tries but subsequent tries have worked. Do a full restore first. Good luck!

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