Don’t buy anything Apple…today

Don’t buy anything Apple todayThis post is for all my non-geek friends that don’t already have an Apple sticker on their car.

Don’t buy anything Apple related today…wait until tomorrow which is when Steve Jobs will most likely announce an update to whatever you bought today, thereby making you mad at me for not telling you when (and what) Macworld is.

The Macworld event in January of each year (there are usually a few during the year) is when the big new product announcements happen during the keynote that kicks off a week of Mac themed conference sessions in San Francisco. It is also when the die hard Apple fanboys blow their credit card limits buying whatever Steve is selling.

My friends are probably still okay since they could either return whatever they bought if it becomes obsolete or get some form of price protection.

Tomorrow will also be one of the best (and only) times to get a deal on something from Apple since they so rarely go on sale. Generally, when Apple updates a product, the price usually stays the same as the last version (more bang for the same buck). This also tends to force retailers to blow out the ‘old’ stock at a great discount to make room for the new model announced at Macworld. I’ve saved hundreds of dollars on ‘last years’ model laptop in the past buy strategically buying shortly after Macworld. Places like London Drugs (in Western Canada) doesn’t always know what the price drop will be so you may have to buy that ‘old’ MacBook on Tuesday at the current, full price and then check back in a couple of days to see if you’ll get a pile of cash back when they reduce the price.


  1. gusgreeper says:

    thanks this post it was very informative.

    im going to buy ‘something’ in the next week or two, if you happen to see one that is reasonable for what i want to do with it and im pretty sure you know what i’ll be doing with it… please send the link my way :) that would be greatly appreciated! :)

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