I shall call it a LinkFeed

RSS FTWShane and I seem to live in parallel worlds with a few differences.

We both are pretty hard core nerd/geek types that like our gadgets.

We both have blogs.

In Shane’s world, he has a cute pug named Serendipity.
Sadly, I do not have a dog (but would like one).

In my world, I have an iPhone.
Sadly, Shane does not (but would like one).

We both have a Google Reader Shared feed thingy (yes, that it is it’s official title) that we each call it a different name. Shane’s is called a Link Blog and mine is called a Link Feed. There are a couple of ways you can ‘consume’ these nuggets of wisdom. Either by following those links or subscribing to them in your feed reader of choice (we both appear to <3 Google Reader). Both of these things are basically links to stuff we find on the internets that interest us that may or may not be worthy of a full blog post, is something that someone we know may find of interest but we're too lazy to email it to them since they block our emails or just a sort of bookmark so we can find it easily again at a later point in time. This is all possible by the power of greyskull RSS…is there anything the little orange icon can’t do?

Sure, Robert Scoble has one too (maybe even before us)….but think of ours like taking a sip from a drinking fountain versus Scoble’s firehose-at-your-face volume of links. Actually his is good too…you should subscribe.

Shane’s world is slightly ahead of my world’s time and space as he managed to beat me to posting a reminder about the Google Reader Shared Feed thingy.

Strangely neither one of us has a goatee…at least not yet. But he might have a Trans AM or a big rig …I don’t know since I’ve never seen his ride.

One Comment

  1. Shane says:

    Oh, man…I want an iPhone! Although, the eeePC looks very interesting. Hmmm….

    Nerd! :)

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