Skip commercials and listen to Podcasts on your TiVo

This has been around for awhile but figured it was a good idea to mention since a few friends have joined the TiVo ranks lately now that you can actually buy the units in Canada.

TiVo Podcasts

You can easily check out your favorite podcasts on your TiVo simply by adding it’s feed url to the Podcaster in the Movies, Photos and More section from the main TiVo screen. Once you’ve entered the url, you can just press thumbs up to save it to your favorites. Video podcasts are also possible, just slightly more involved.

Tired of fast forwarding? Here’s a video on how to enable the 30 second skip button which is not enabled by default (stupid TV Network lawyers):

via the TiVo Blog.

Too bad the TiVo HD unit doesn’t work/isn’t available in Canada.

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