iPhone firmware 1.1.3 features video

Gearlive.com as posted a video of the features of the upcoming firmware for the iPhone. Seems pretty legit to me and consistent with the rumored features.

Some of the key features include:

  1. SMS to multiple recipients
  2. Google Maps upgraded to include hybrid view and cell tower triangulation to give you a sort-of GPS as well as the ability to drag a pin around the map if the address doesn’t plot properly
  3. you can now drag the icons around your homescreen to rearrange their order. Currently you have to use Customize to do this but of course, Apple has a cooler way of doing it – the icons wiggle when the mode is enabled and you just drag them where you want them
  4. Wish you could easily make a bookmark icon (or shortcut) on your homescreen to your favorite website? Now you can in Safari – it’ll even make the icon based on the website for you – you can do this with iPhone Apper but it’s a bit more involved

Check out all the details in this video soon though as it could be taken down by Apple legal at anytime.

Keep in mind that when 1.1.3 drops, it will most likely break all third party apps and unlocks. So be careful out there.

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