Good Experience: Crumpler Bags

I think I have a problem.

Pile 'O' Crumpler Bags

Is it weird for a guy to like gadget bags? I think I have a bag/pouch/container for just about everything gadget I own. I guess I like to protect my stuff. I especially like Crumpler bags.

The latest one I bought a few months back was the Crumpler Keystone which is a laptop and camera bag. It’s very light, small, heavily padded and perfect for running around taking pictures at geek events.

Crumpler Keystone Camera/Laptop bag
Inside the Crumpler Keystone

What else can I say, I love the bags that Crumpler makes and keep getting them anytime I see a new one (or get something that needs a bag). I wish there were more companies that cared this much about their products and had such a unique way of marketing them.

Sometimes they send me stuff too (I highly recommend you sign up for their newsletter):
Crumpler Swag!

Totally irreverent marketing (who else takes beer in trade for their products?), completely unusable but fun flash website and awesome containers/protectors for geek tech – what more could you want?

More of them of course!


  1. Warren Frey says:

    Oh sweet Jebus, that looks ideal for my camcorderin’, video podcastin’ needs. How much? It’d be nice if I could score that pre-Macworld.

  2. John says:

    This backpack lists for $250cdn but I got it on ebay from a Canadian dealer (new) for $150 delivered. It’s a little more than many other packs in this class but it’s awesome so worth it to me.

    It should fit your gear nicely! This is the smallest of the backpacks like this…they have bigger ones but of course, they cost more ;) I guess it depends on the size of your camcorder and any other gear you want to lug.

    This is basically my new carry-on bag for air travel…keeps all the precious things in one place.

    Are you going to MacWorld?

  3. Warren Frey says:

    Sure am, my first Macworld and I’m much looking forward to it. Four days (well, two pretty intense ones and the keynote the day before that) of Mac madness…also probably blogging for Techvibes from there, so if you know of any Canadian companies peddling their Mac wares, lemme know.

  4. Chris says:

    You picking up the Crumpler bags here, there, and everywhere? Or somewhere in particular? Need to outfit my Rebel XT I picked up on Boxing Day from Future Shop and although I’ve been partial to LowerPro, wouldn’t mind looking into Crumpler.

  5. John says:

    Best Buy has them locally although not a huge selection…otherwise I’ve been trolling ebay and craigslist as well as Circuit City in the US when I’m down there.

    Lens and Shutter has a big selection as well although they are full retail price so bring a lot of cash unfortunately. At least you can ‘preview’ them at L&S to ensure they fit your gear before you get one on ebay for half price. I’ve only ever bought them new on ebay but I’ve seen lots of people selling barely used ones only because they’ve upgraded their gear and need more storage. Unfortunately for a buyer, they seem to hold their value quite well on the used market…at least it seems to be the case.

  6. tyfn says:

    Wow. So this is Crumpler. I think I got to get me some bags for my camera and laptop.

    new store: 508 W Cordova, Gastown

  7. John says:

    I just dropped a couple of hundred dollars at a store in Portland on new bags….but still going to check out the new store tomorrow!

  8. Raul says:

    I do like to protect my stuff. I was just talking to Tanya today about the fact that I carry my Flip camera, my digital camera, my iPod, it’s kind of ridiculous. I should just buy an iPhone, period.

  9. I’ve been looking for a bag (backpack type) for my macbook. I’ll have to check these guys out. Thanks.

  10. Andy says:


    Will the Keystone fit the new 13in aluminum Mac Book?



    • John says:

      Andy: I sold my Keystone a little while ago (upgraded to a Customary Barge backpack) so I can’t say if the aluminum MacBook fits perfectly but my friend that bought the Keystone has a 13″ white MacBook and it fits fine.

  11. Ajeet says:

    John, Will the keystone fit a 15.4″ Macbook Pro

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