First Holga prints

Just finished scanning the results of the first roll of film I put through the new Holga camera I recently picked up. I was pretty convinced that I had either loaded the film incorrectly or that I didn’t handle it properly and all the shots I took would be exposed. Unlike 35mm film, medium-format film comes on rolls without a shell or cover. This means that the film spools from one spindle inside the camera onto another. You also don’t ‘rewind’ the film like a 35mm camera either.
Holga printsFortunately, I managed not to screw it up and got some great first results considering the roll of film that the Holga comes with is 100ASA which means it basically needs a ton of light to be exposed.

First roll

I seemed to get the best shots when using the red flash.

First roll

Although the clear flash didn’t make Duane’s nachos look any less awesome.

First roll

Check out the rest of the shots from the roll on Flickr.

Now to get some higher speed medium-format film and have some more fun with this camera.


  1. Caroline says:

    Stupid question: How do you actually go about getting square prints? What do I ask the camera people?

  2. John says:

    I think that’s just the way they come once they develop the film – assuming your film is in the square format (which you can change in the Holga itself by switching out the plastic insert inside the camera), they just print the frames as they are. I was given the choice of matte or glossy and with or without border.

    It’ll probably depend on where you get it processed. The shops I’ve been dealing with have been awesome for explaining things when I tell them I just got a Holga.

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