New toy: Cherry Master Video Slot Machine

Cherry MasterI went to an arcade auction this weekend and scored this upright video slot machine for cheap.

I think it’s hilarious that it screams “FOR AMUSEMENT ONLY” on the top of the bezel. After doing some googling, it seems that this unit *could* actually be setup to payout so bring your quarters next time you come over.

It wasn’t powered on during the auction but figured it was a very clean cabinet and the insides looked pristine so it was worth the risk. I figured if there was something wrong, I could easily fix it myself as I’ve done in the past. Many times games at auction need very little work to get running (aside from cosmetic work). Previously I bought a $400 game for $30 and the only thing wrong with it was a disconnected speaker wire so it had no sound. It was an easy fix.

When I got it home (it fit into my car barely – at not quite 5 feet tall, it’s much smaller than a regular videogame cabinet), I plugged it in and was happy to find that it worked perfectly. The only issue was that the screen looked a little blurry…fortunately it wasn’t an issue with the monitor, but actually just a build up of dust inside the cabinet on the plexiglass bezel. After cleaning it, it looks brand new now. It even has a bill acceptor that works although it doesn’t like my Canadian bills. Not sure if that’s broken or it’s expecting US$.

Cherry Master

For Amusement Only

inside the Cherry Master

Not too bad for $25.

Update (June 2011): I’ve removed the crt monitor and put in an LCD and wired it up to play MAME which now also emulates all the video poker/slot games very nicely. The original Cherry Master board, control panel, monitor, etc are all in tact. Contact me if you are interested in buying any of it.


  1. John G says:

    I have a similar Cherry Master Game. Have you figured out a way to by-pass the Bill Acceptor and set it up on Free Play? Trying to fix mine for house use.

  2. Mark says:

    Swweet Deal dude. Do you want to sell it? If not I might be able to hlp you with the money situation. If you have on screen programming go to setup and select coin then change it to 25. I don’t think these machines are set up for free play but if this helps it will set it to a penny a play. Hope it works.

  3. jay says:

    I sell the switch and adapter to click on free credits for these games…if interested contact me at

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