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iPhone firmware 1.1.3 features video as posted a video of the features of the upcoming firmware for the iPhone. Seems pretty legit to me and consistent with the rumored features. Some of the key […]

Slot machine on your iPhone

There is an amazing new Slot Machine game called iSlots on Installer right now: It even maintains your bank between plays and has sound effects of the reels going.

How to load a Holga

I love the track feature of Twitter. Because of it, I found this video of how to load a Holga. I simply sent ‘track holga’ to Twitter and it lets […]

Good Experience: Crumpler Bags

I think I have a problem. Is it weird for a guy to like gadget bags? I think I have a bag/pouch/container for just about everything gadget I own. I […]

Another reason to like Apple

After picking up a new ginormous hard drive on boxing day (think Black Friday in the US, only much lamer), I went about adding it to my Powermac G5 tower […]

First Holga prints

Just finished scanning the results of the first roll of film I put through the new Holga camera I recently picked up. I was pretty convinced that I had either […]

eeeXubuntu on the eeePC

Always curious to try new things, I figured I’d try out Ubuntu (gutsy) on my eeePC. The nice thing about Ubuntu (and many versions of Linux these days) is that […]

iPhone 1.1.2 unlock status

I get asked multiple times a day about getting an iPhone and using it in Canada. It was always fun to help friends unlock their iPhones. Until now. Ever since […]

New Toy: Holga medium format film camera

You’d think it was Christmas or something. Been treating myself to a few little things lately…the kind of stuff nobody would ever buy for me so it’s all good. While […]

New toy: Cherry Master Video Slot Machine

I went to an arcade auction this weekend and scored this upright video slot machine for cheap. I think it’s hilarious that it screams “FOR AMUSEMENT ONLY” on the top […]