Warranty Voided

Warranty Voided
Decided I couldn’t resist opening the little door on the back of the eeePC and upgrade the ram (now at 1gb from the stock 512mb) and the mini pci-e port. There was some debate as to whether or not the port would actually be there or not….appears to be in mine!

Have pretty much decided to not to bother with OSX on this simply because it’s too much of a kludge to get it running and the default Linux is pretty decent…although I may try installing XP on a USB thumbdrive since it pretty much turns things into a dual boot situation.
Show'n the eeePC
I’ve been digging into the eeePC user community and there are some fantastic resources already out that have a TON of great info. Figured I’d give them some linkage since they have been so useful:

UPDATE: It appears that Asus has decided that users can upgrade their memory on the eeePC without voiding their warranty which makes sense since every computer manufacturer allows this practice. (via eeeUser)

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