WordPress Admin plugin for iPhone users

A friend pointed me (via Weblog Tools) to a very cool new plugin for WordPress called WPhone that lets you manage your site from your iPhone or iTouch. You simply download and unzip it, get it onto your site and activate it in the Admin console. Then just login with your Mobile Safari browser (make sure you check off the “Use mobile admin interface” option on your login screen.

Here’s a few screenshots of the plugin in action on my own iPhone:

The log in screen and the ‘Go’ screen

WPhone WPhone
Managing Posts screen and the Dashboard

WPhone WPhone

Creating a post (this one!) and the Plugin screen

Very cool stuff….might have to try liveblogging with this setup ala Miss604.


  1. That is incredibly cool… Drupal needs this.

  2. Hey John.

    I’m one of the WPhone plugin developers, and as a Montrealer, what I see at the top-left of the screenshots fills me with incommensurable joy, with mine on the way! ;-)

  3. John says:

    Stephane – thank you for making such a wonderful plugin!

  4. Glad it’s useful. But I’ll be frank, we don;t deserve all the credit. It’s truly not only a community effort. We didn’t have an iPhone or iPod to test with (someone lent me the latter for a total of 2 days), so we’ve been coding “blind”, and the feedback from people such as yourself is really what enabled us to make it what it is. :-)

  5. Errata in previous post: “we don’t deserve all the credit. It’s truly a community effort.”

  6. Tod says:

    Sweet Jesus.

    I think I need a cigarette.

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