Third Tuesday Vancouver: Social Media Meets Public Relations

Third TuesdayThird Tuesday Vancouver is tonight!

Here’s the scoop (from

When: 6pm – 9:30pm Tuesday, October 16 2007
Where: SoHo in Yaletown – 1283 Hamilton St., Vancouver (Map)

Speakers: Joe Thornley ( and David Jones (

Topics include:

  • The importance of social media to us as Canadians – extending our reach without needing to leave home to reach the larger audiences that have been the exclusive domain of the U.S. Mainstream Media distribution business;
  • White hat social media (long term community building) vs. black hat social media (increasing your conversion rate for marketing). The future of social media will be what we make of it and will reflect the norms we impose on it;
  • The continuing importance of face to face meetups like Third Tuesday to lift online social relationships to the next level.

There is no hockey game tonight so you have no excuse for not coming! See you there!

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