DemoCamp Vancouver 03

DemoCampThis Thursday, October 4th is the next DemoCamp event at Workspace in Gastown – a very cool place and the home of BarCamp as well as this Flickr story.

As I mentioned a few months ago, DemoCamp is an event where people show up, pitch something they want to demo and the rest of the attendees vote on who gets to give their presentation. It’s a great place to show off something cool you’re working on to a group of smart people. Last time, I got to see and play with an iPhone – possibly one of the first ones in Canada as it was just days after it’s launch.

So if you’re interested in attending, signup on the wiki or the Facebook Event….who knows who or what cool thing will end up at this week’s event?!

Update: Back from DemoCamp (and a few beers with Peter). No big wrapup (see Rebecca’s excellent live blog for the full scoop), just some iPhone pix from the event. I swear these events get better and better everytime!

DemoCamp Vancouver 03 DemoCamp Vancouver 03 DemoCamp Vancouver 03
DemoCamp Vancouver 03 DemoCamp Vamcouver 03 Noob

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