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pacificITLast night I was fortunate enough to be invited to talk with Robert Sanzalone on his live pacificIT Radio show in Japan. He’s currently living in Japan and is a technologist from the Vancouver area with his finger firmly on the pulse of everything in this Web 2.0 world.

There is still something cool to me about being able to have a chat about technology with someone in Japan in real time over the internet. It may be a trivial thing nowadays but I’m old enough to know a time when the thought of doing something like this was science fiction and that still makes me giddy.

We mostly talked about my experiences with the iPhone in Canada and a few other things like the Lab with Leo event from the other night and the SXSW panel submission. When you get two people that are passionate about their technology talking, it’s hard to stop but the show is only an hour long but we could have easily gone on for a few more.

I’m looking forward to more chats with Robert in the future. Thanks for having me, Robert!

Here’s the direct link to my episode with Robert where you can listen right on the page itself or grab the mp3 for later listening.


  1. Dave says:

    Well done, John. I will check out the archived podcast.

    Won’t be long before we’ll be saying “I knew him when…” ;-)

  2. Hi John. Yes, it was A LOT of fun chatting with you about technology and we certainly COULD HAVE gone much longer.

    Would love to have you on again. There was SO MUCH information, I’m still going back to pull out more gold nuggets.

    Talk to you again soon!

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