iPhone Software Unlock Video

iPhoneSimFree ApplicationYesterday, Gizmodo posted a video (no embeded version) of them using the iPhoneSimFree unlock software. It seems pretty convincing that at least the software unlock application exists and it’s pretty straightforward to apply the unlock. Engadget also weighed in on this latest chapter although they seem to point out that this is a demo of the backend system and that it doesn’t actually unlock anything, but rather just goes through the motions.

I didn’t need anymore convincing that it’s real although it’s still unclear how Apple will handle a software based unlock. In the past they have looked the other way when it comes to many forms of hacking of their products. The AppleTV has been hacked and very little was done by Apple to stop it. Given the hacking roots of Apple’s creators, it’s no surprise that Apple doesn’t mind this type of activity as long as it don’t cost them any money. Hacking for the sake of extending a product beyond what was intended or offered originally should be okay….doing it for the purpose of bypassing payment, not so much.

Stay tuned as next week should be an interesting week for iPhone users or potential customers!


  1. chico says:

    hey john!

    my gf’s dad walked into a cell place in richmond yesterday and bought an unlocked iphone (around 1200 bucks i think). he gave it to us to see if it worked, so we popped in one of our sim cards, and boo-ya, it’s a phone now. obviously we can’t use edge, but the wi-fi is fine.

  2. John says:

    Hey Chico.

    You should be able to use Edge by putting in the Roger’s APN info…it’s a new setting as of the latest iPhone firmware. It’s in the settings menu on the phone.

    Although unless you or he has a good data plan (nobody does in Canada) I’d leave it blank for now.

    $1200 eh? Wow….although I expect that price to drop with the new iPhone pricing and the fact that the hardware unlock can be done for about $100.

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