The Lab with Leo 100th Episode Celebration

Just got home from a fun evening out at the Alibi Room in Gastown. It was a fan meetup of sorts to celebrate the 100th episode of the Lab with Leo Laporte which is shot in Vancouver. I’ve been a fan of Leo’s work since the early days of the Screensavers and was actually in the audience at the Tech TV studios in San Francisco on the day after he left the show…so it was great to finally meet Leo in person.

100th Episode Celebration

It was fun to get to talk with Leo about a bunch of different things and we even got to geek out with our iPhones and chatted about the apps we’d installed. Too bad he was losing his voice so he left a little early to save it for the show taping in the morning.

There were lots of other cast, crew and guests from the show at the event as well as a lot of fans in attendance. Some even drove down from Kamloops!

I also enjoyed talking iPhones and videogames with Victor Lucas who is the Lab’s executive producer as well as the man responsible for some of the best damn television for gamers out there. He’s an Emmy award winning producer of shows about videogames – how cool is that! I’ve been watching EP and his other shows as long as he’s been making them and always liked his no bullshit approach to game reviews. It’s cool to see someone older than 15 that gets/plays/loves videogames like I do.

Thanks to everyone involved with the Lab (Sean, Matt, Kate, Ryan and lots of others) for a great night out in Gastown!

Update: In my half asleep state while writing this post last night, I forgot to mention Kevin (on the left), Warren, Derek (who took the photo above) and Boris who were also in attendance and contributed to the good conversations over beer and all things geeky.

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