iPhone now SIM Unlocked with Software

iPhone SafariEngadget broke the story early this morning that iphonesimfree.com had managed to develop a software only unlock method to allow you to use any carrier’s SIM card with the iPhone.

Hopefully, it’s obvious that this is a big deal for a number of reasons:

  1. it will work with Roger’s or Fido in Canada
  2. you don’t have to track down a Super Sim or a Turbo Sim which were going for ridiculous amounts of money since they were sold out everywhere
  3. you don’t have to crack open your $600 baby and risk frying it trying to solder some wires to do the hardware hack
  4. they did it on my 11th wedding anniversary which is a big deal to me!
  5. it’s the frickin’ iPhone on any GSM carrier in the world!

If Engadget says it’s real and not a hoax, then it’s real folks….game over AT&T. Sorry, thanks for playing.

The software will be available next week….no word on pricing yet. Check out Engadget for video and all the details.

Thanks to Tod for the heads up!

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