Full Hardware unlock for iPhone?

If you believe this video:

and the blog post related to it, it appears that a hardware unlock solution has been discovered.

Apparently it requires some complex soldering but they also claim that a software unlock will be forthcoming “in less time than it takes to ship a Turbo SIM”.

Exciting stuff if it’s true!


  1. Tod Maffin says:

    I don’t buy it.

    First of all, anyone can make that upper-left thing say anything. iFuntastic lets you make it say “Pwned” if you want it to.

    Second, a buddy could have called his home phone at the right moment.

    Third, if it was legit, they would have shown us HOW they did it. This whole “Wait a week” sounds like hype and a way to drive up traffic.

    Finally, and most importantly, nobody with hair like that can be trusted.


  2. John says:

    Haha….I think it’s because of the hair that it’s legit….that and the T-Mobile sim did it for me.

    But I’ll believe it when it’s happening on my iPhone after I’ve either seen the guy doing it for me show me his working iPhone (ideally letting me put my sim in it to test) or the software unlock is available in which case I’ll gladly try it (after all that’s what the restore button is for in iTunes).

    It’s always funny that when someone is trying to prove something is ‘real’ in a video, they manage to fumble the camera just enough to basically cast doubt on it. Buy a damn tripod!

  3. T11CHB says:

    We’ll soon see in a week. But there’s no chance of me soldering my iphone, i used to solder chips to PS2’s & it took me about 6 of them to get it right!

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