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The New Canucks Logo

I attended the Vancouver Canucks Tailgate party and new uniform launch thingy at GM Place today. It was nice to jump on the seabus and get out of the office […]

PhotoCamp 2007 Wrapup

During BarCamp this year, Kris Krug hosted PhotoCamp which was actually a session within the BarCamp program and not a longer event as I had originally thought. I touched on […]

Another iPhone Unlock via Software Video

Still kinda sketchy and hard to tell since it was shot with a Nokia N95. Not exactly definitive proof but promising nonetheless. Check out the blog post from Now […]

iPhone now SIM Unlocked with Software

Engadget broke the story early this morning that had managed to develop a software only unlock method to allow you to use any carrier’s SIM card with the iPhone. […]

Email your iPhone’s music & Easily add Ringtones

Erica over at has done it again with the “Song Sender” app which allows you to navigate your iTunes music library on your iPhone and either set a song […]

Full Hardware unlock for iPhone?

If you believe this video: and the blog post related to it, it appears that a hardware unlock solution has been discovered. Apparently it requires some complex soldering but they […]

Pick Me for SXSW 2008!

As SXSW 2007 was winding down, Frank and I were discussing the possibility of presentating at next years conference. We even talked to a number of panelists to get some […]

Save money on an iPhone

Apple is now selling refurbished iPhones…save $100 before you hack it! Unfortunately (and as expected) this doesn’t appear to be available on the Canadian Apple Store.

Turbo SIM iPhone Unlock

Last week a new method of ‘unlocking’ the iPhone to use it with any mobile carrier emerged. Using something called a Turbo SIM (which costs $80US), it tricks the iPhone […]

New Canucks logo gear already on sale?

Spotted this Vancouver Canucks hat in the window of a Gastown shop on the way to BarCamp – have the bootlegger’s already started making new logo merchandise before it’s official? […]