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Lomo Fisheye Camera

Since I’ve been playing ‘with the big boys’ with my DSLR for a few months now, I’ve gotten more comfortable with using a digital camera with a lot more features […]

Take off your clothes

While I was in California, my friend Paul gave me a preview of some videos he was making. I thought they were pretty fun so check out my favorite, called […]

Blogathon 2007

I’m currently on the road for work and visiting family…and suffering through craptacular wifi reception…which is one reason why I still haven’t posted a WordCamp recap or some stuff from […]

When Airports Attack

Too bad this suitcase has only been on 3 trips…now to figure out what was in the pocket for my claim:

WordCamp 2007

I’m heading to San Francisco tomorrow to spend an extra long weekend with a good friend, check out his new office at Apple, and attend WordCamp which is a two […]

The one about the iPhone

The inner fanboy won out and I acquired an iPhone this week. After getting to play with one last week at DemoCamp, I couldn’t resist any longer. So yes, I […]

Macro photography on the cheap

I’ve always been a fan of macro photography (aka really close pictures of things) so when I got my Nikon one of the first kinds of lenses I looked into […]

Polar Clock

I found this Polar Clock via the UX Magazine homepage and think it’s really cool….would make a great watch (I don’t think Toyko Flash has anything quite like it yet) […]

DemoCamp Vancouver 2007

Tonight is DemoCamp at WorkSpace in Gastown. This is the second DemoCamp this year and my first one so hopefully they’ll be gentle. Doesn’t look like they are fully booked […]

A Trip to the Kwik-E-Mart

After reading Miss 604’s post about a promotion as part of the upcoming Simpsons movie to convert some 7-11’s into Kwik-E-Marts…and the fact that is was actually happening not too […]