Vancouver Blogger Meetup for May

Finally have a chance to post about the Blogger Meetup that happened on Wednesday. This was my second meetup and it was a lot of fun. Many of the same people turned up at a new venue this month that was quieter and more conducive to having good discussions if not a little cozy. We pretty much took over the place.

Like last month, Jan has posted an excellent recap of the people and the topics that were discussed so I won’t go over that again here.

I took a few pictures with my Treo and am hoping that Gene posts a few of the ones he took with his stunning new Nikon 50mm lens that he let me play with a little.

David and Gene Hmmmm Al and Jan

Unfortuntately I wasn’t able to make it to DemoCamp Vancouver on Thursday but it sounds like there will be another one coming later this summer. Rebecca live blogged the event and it seemed like half of the Meetup gang showed up. Hopefully I can make it next time as it looked like a lot of fun.

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  1. Gene says:

    I knew I had forgotten to do something!

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