Vancouver Blogger Meetup for April

April 2007 Blogger MeetupJust got home from the April Blogger Meetup. I had never gone before and met a bunch of interesting people, took a few photos and had some good beer.

If the Canucks had won game one of the second round of the playoffs, it would have been a perfect night but they didn’t but it was still a pretty good night so I can’t complain.

Cheers to everyone I met tonight…I hope to see you all next time.

Update: Jan has posted a good recap of all in attendance with their links – thanks Jan!


  1. hey, thanks for blogging about this, and thanks for the pix! yeah, sorry about the canucks.

  2. David says:

    Thanks for coming, John. See you next time, I hope…

    PS: What’s the Palm App that tells you what crashed your Treo when it crashes (as mine does 3 times a day)?

  3. John says:

    David: Trace Crash should help solve the crashing problem on your Treo

  4. David says:

    Thanks. Well, I installed it, looked at the crash log, and nearly every crash was caused by the piece of software called… ‘Phone’. Great. It might has well have told me ‘You’re screwed.’ Oh well. Maybe it will reveal something else if I remove a few suspects.
    BTW, one more question: What was the software you mentioned for playing ringtone MP3s? The one I have will be the first to go.

  5. John says:

    Phone could be the container of the bad mp3 or something else. Minitones is what I use and it seems to be crash prone if you use too large of an mp3 file so make sure you trim it using the tool in minitones to keep it short/small.

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