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What we can learn from Spaghetti Sauce

Dan Saffer (who gave a great presentation at SXSW about Learning Interaction Design from Las Vegas) posted a few links to some great videos from the TED conference. I especially […]

Vancouver Blogger Meetup for April

Just got home from the April Blogger Meetup. I had never gone before and met a bunch of interesting people, took a few photos and had some good beer. If […]

The Web Design Survey

As you can see from the image at the right, I took the 2007 A List Apart Web Design Survey. You should too if you work in the industry (or […]

RSS in Plain English

Here’s a great video to help explain what RSS is to people that aren’t geeks: Great job Lee and Sachi! Direct Youtube Link

Experimenting with long exposures

I’ve always liked these kinds of photos and got inspired to go out and play on the highway overpass last night: I still need to play around with the raw […]

Creative Website Design

As a web geek, this site just blows me away in it’s creativity: Check it out…I’m off to see if I need to upgrade my fridge for my next web […]

Video from Northern Voice

Robert Scoble has posted his video of the Digital Photography session Kris Krug put on at Northern Voice that I attended last February. This is the session that helped reignite […]