It’s a sad day

Today was a sad day because one of the most interesting people I have ever seen present at a conference (and had the pleasure to meet) is living in fear and has cancelled appearances because of some people with nothing better to do than to make death threats and do other disgusting things online directed towards her.

My previous post about meeting her at the airport now seems in poor taste given that I jokingly implied that I may have scared her with my fanboy nervousness when I was really just thrilled to meet her in person because she really has made an impact on me with her presentations and her fantastic blog. Fearing for her safety is a real issue she is dealing with now.

Like everyone out there that has posted about this incident today, I hope that Kathy is able to resolve the situation and that the internet community as a whole is able to, as Molly said in the comments to Kathy’s post, ‘self-correct’ this situation and deal with those that have tried to hurt Kathy. I have a feeling it won’t take long for justice to be served.

I for one, can’t wait for her to return. We’re here for you Kathy!

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