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Laughing Squid on on Flickr

I saw a twitter from Laughing Squid that he was talking with and grabbed a screencap and posted it on Flickr. So it’s kinda (not really) like I took […]

It’s a sad day

Today was a sad day because one of the most interesting people I have ever seen present at a conference (and had the pleasure to meet) is living in fear […]

The Guys @ SXSW

Finally tracked down a photo taken of us all at SXSW which turned out pretty good: via Flickr

Damn you Scoble!

Who thought Twitter could get any cooler? Just when I thought I could leave Twitter in Austin… Damn you indeed, Robert! If only this worked on the Wii under Opera, […]

SXSW Recap

Now that SXSW is over and I’m back home, I’ve had a chance to ‘digest’ the conference and thought I’d post some of my thoughts. This was my second SXSW […]

Back home from Austin

SXSW 2007 is over and I’m back home now…I already miss the Texas BBQ. This year exceeded my expectations and was bigger and better than last year. Hopefully I’ll get […]


The trade show at SXSW is always a great place to get swag. Usually you get a suitcase full of t-shirts and this year is no different. It’s also a […]

It has begun

Finally all settled in Austin for SXSW which starts later today. Very happy with the hotel I’m staying at this time which is basically in the shadow of the conference […]

Hilarious Driver’s License pranks

Check out what these guys did when they got their driver’s licenses….I laughed out loud a few times! A second video and more info at Laughing Squid.