Camino vs Safari vs Firefox


I’ve been finding lately that Safari has been a little slow on my Powerbook (which is 3 years old). So I switched to Firefox and found it to be a little faster but slower than I’d like or expect…despite the fact that this laptop has 768mb of ram and is a 1.33ghz G4. I don’t really want to spring for more ram (which would cost about $150 for the necessary module) with the ever present rumours of Apple working on a new sub-notebook. I’d love a 10″MacBook…which means it probably won’t happen.

So what to do? I decided to try Camino again. I’ve used it before on my iMac, mostly as a third browser to test sites with and confirm that caching isn’t in effect while working on something. There have been a number of articles recently about Safari’s sluggishness and ways of speeding up OSX surfing so it seemed like a good place to start.

Camino featuresSo far it’s pretty peppy and as good or better than Firefox performance on this machine. Another nice benefit is the fact that WordPress and a few other things work the way you’d expect them to.

If you’ve got an older machine, try it out and see if it runs things a little better.


  1. Alex says:

    I have a PowerBook very similar to yours (I have a 1.5 GHz processor) and I found the same thing with Safari. I’ve switched to Camino as my primary browser, but I still wish it had some of the ‘goodies’ that Safari has such as being able to move tabs around and resize text boxes.

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